Campaigns – Transport:

Transport is essential in the modern world. It drives our economy, and it means we can go on holiday!

However, the fuel we use in most transportation: cars, trains, boats, planes – is oil. Oil is an exhaustible resource. Even though global supplies are plenty to meet current demand, extracting it becomes more expensive as new technologies or new sites that are harder to access are needed to replenish the sites that are depleted. At the areas that are harder to access dangers for the environment during the extraction process also raise, for example the “Deepwater Horizon oil spill” or the “Exxon Valdez oil spill”. The use of oil is also the major source of human Co2 emissions, responsible for global warming.

We must therefore ask governments and companies to invest in new – non-fossil fuel transport technology.

We must also travel less.¬†Air transport is the biggest polluter – it’s also the fastest growing form of transport. We must stop our love affair with the airplane. Only use it if urgently needed.

What is IoM FoE doing?

  • We are asking individuals to use their cars less
  • We’re asking people to get on their bikes, and use public transport more
  • We’re asking people to holiday at home and in the UK more
  • We are urging companies to send their staff on less foreign travel – and to use video conferencing, e-mail and telephones more.