Ask your MHK candidate about environmental issues

With the House of Keys elections coming up, many candidates will knock on their constituents doors to have a conversation in order to get their vote. Take this rare chance of a private conversation to ask him a few questions, issues that are important to you!

Here are some of the environmental issues you might want to ask about:

  • Climate and Sustainability: Which actions would the candidate support to reach Tynwald’s climate commitments?
  • Keep it in the ground: What is his stand on gas exploration on the Isle of Man? Government’s stated intent to lease our territorial seabed for fossil fuel prospecting is entirely inconsistent with our climate commitments – we must ‘keep it in the ground’. It should be leased for projects that relate to renewable generation.
  • Housing: How would he improve housing standards on the island? Regulations should require that all new-builds meet high efficiency standards, compatible with European regulations. This would help people living in fuel poverty, require fewer imports and create opportunities for the building sector.
  • Would he support the implementation of 2006 bathing water quality standards for the whole island?
  • Biodiversity: What would he do to put Tynwald’s biodiversity strategy in action? Rewilding and habitat protection, with a focus on upland management are of upmost importance and can limit the impact of flooding.