Green Lanes Our Heritage – Letter-writing party and social

Thursday, April 14 at 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Cat’s House, 16 Westminster Terrace, Douglas IM1 4EE


Do you care about the destruction of our precious Greenways and Green Lanes – some of them are hundreds of years old, and part of our rich cultural heritage? Come join Green Lanes Our Heritage ( for an evening of sharing tasty soup, watching an amazing film on the state of these once-beautiful ways, and leave having written at least once letter to your MHK, or other relevant authority.
Many of these ways – which should by right be accessible toall of us – are now impassable to horseriders and walkers, and we have heard of several walking groups from the UK who’ve said they won’t be returning because of the state of them.
This sort of destruction by offroad bikes and 4X4s is now illegal in the UK, so groups come over here because they can wreak damage on our own uplands – destroying not only the ways themselves, but also damaging surrounding ecology.
We’re not asking for a total ban: just a proportionate response so that those ways suffering most are closed off and proper remedial work is done; others are made available so the offroadsters can still enjoy our lovely uplands.
Do you agree? Join us for an informative and (we hope) productive evening. Bring a pen!