About us

Who we are:

Isle of Man Friends of the Earth (IoM FoE) is an organisation of concerned volunteers. We’re a local group, and part of Friends of the Earth UK. We campaign for a cleaner, greener Island. Members come from all walks of life: students, pensioners, builders, accountants, self-employed and many others. Dealing with man-made climate change is the most important issue of our time. IoM FoE is campaigning hard to ensure action is taken by government to dramatically reduce Manx CO2 emissions, to develop renewable energy sources, and to prepare for the impact climate change will have on our weather.

Our aim:

The protection of the Manx environment and the promotion of sustainable living and global environmental justice.

The work we do:

As a democratic organisation IoM FoE campaigns on the issues that are most important to local members, as well as working with FoE UK on their big campaigns.

The way we work: 

Identifying changes to better protect the environment.

  • Sharing information widely among members
  • Working closely with other organisations on the Isle of Man
  • Researching green issues

Raising greater awareness about important environmental issues.

  • Taking part in as many local activities as possible, such as running a stall on Tynwald Day or delivering workshops in schools
  • Sharing information by e-mail and through their web site
  • Talking to journalists, writing articles and appearing on the radio

Influencing politicians so that real changes are made

  • Writing and talking to MHKs and MLCs
  • Lobbying at meetings both inside and outside of government
  • Showing the benefit that environmental changes will bring to the Island