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A selection of great, dedicated groups which are working on our island:

One world centre – working on improving intercultural understanding

A charity created as a service to promote energy conversation and the use of renewable energy

Zero Waste Mann – Rethinking of current ideas on waste disposal

Protecting our island’s precious, unique environment








Manx Bat Group – conservation and understanding of bats

Isle of Man Permaculture Association

Get involved in creating woodland, enhancing biodiversity and tree planting

A focal point for biodiversity information on the Isle of Man!

campaigning for a fairer society







scientific initiative, preserve and enhance marine environment

Sheltering animals in need.Your first address if you consider having a pet. Also giving pet advice

Conserving the IoM’s wild birds and their habitats









Participate in tidying up the Isle of Man’s beautiful beaches. It is a very active group.


If you find a hedgehog in distress, bring it here!








A selection of environmentally outstanding local businesses:

energy management systems

Unforgettable Outdoor Experiences








provides trees native to the Island from local seed sources

Gardening Tips and Beauty Products





money from locals for locals