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Campaigns – Climate Change

Climate change is the biggest threat facing the world today. The earth is warming because more of the sun’s heat is getting trapped in our atmosphere (see diagram). It’s getting trapped because of the build up of
‘greenhouse gases’, such as CO2 & methane, which stop heat escaping.Some people say climate change has always happened – well… they’re right – BUT this climate change is on a massive scale and is happening very quickly. And it’s man made – so mankind can fix it. We’ve used up so many CO2 producing fossil fuels in such a short space of time that this is leading to potentially devastating changes in our weather patterns. People with big brains believe climate change can be fixed – but we have to act urgently. CO2, the main climate change gas, is active for 38 years. The level of climate change we’re experiencing now was caused by CO2 released into the atmosphere 38 years ago. We know CO2 emissions have risen massively since the 1970s. So we know there’s trouble in store before 2050. We must act now to reduce the impact of climate change after 2050.

Impacts around the world:                                                                                               

Impacts on the Isle of Man:

What is IoM FoE doing?

The talks by Professor Thomas Stocker in May 2013 and the more recent one by Kevin Anderson & Alice Bows-Larkin in February 2016 are available to view now.

Both talks were held on the IoM, hosted by DEFA. Kevin and Alice included a lot of IoM-specific material and policy-proposals whereas Professor Stocker illuminates the science of climate change.

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Inconvenient Truth