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IoM Friends of the Earth was proudly inaugurating the new play equipment. It proved to be a resounding success. At times queues of contestants waited to try solving the island’s problems by throwing toys at them. As usual, we were also handing out dozens of information leaflets and enjoyed the multitude of conversations.

It was also good to meet a few people at the stall who were interested in signing up as new members. So far, we had three new members in July, who are very welcome as they add to the community and give us a louder voice.

Our next presence will be at this weekend’s Festival of the Sea in Port Erin, starting Saturday at 10am. We hope to hear from you!

“Keep it in the Ground” campaign in the news

Isle of Man newspapers, Manx radio and Isle of Man 3FM have reported about the government’s gas extraction plans. Iom FoE has given interviews on the topic. The links to the radio news can be found in our Twitter stream (right column), the link to the newspaper article by clicking on the picture underneath.

A new special group campaigning against offshore gas extraction in Isle of Man waters will be launched. It will exclusively deal with the topic and not with other campaigns of Friends of the Earth. Everyone who is against it is welcome, no matter which path of life you come from.

The first meeting will be in the Green Centre on Wednesday, the 28th of December, 7-30 pm. 

The location of the Green Centre can be found under “Contact”.

In a presentation for the IOMSA (Isle of Man shipping association) about the Manx gas fields, a shocking prospect came to light: The Permian tight sands deposit that we have off the coast would need offshore fracking to be economically recovered.

It would involve pumping a mix of water and sediments into this layer to release the gas and transport it via pipelines through the Ramsey Marine Nature reserve on land, where a “cleaning facility” would be created. It is possible that a connection to the UK infrastructure will be favoured by a different company – not anything better.

The envisioned timeline for this endeavour is putting the further exploration drilling rights out with the UK licensing round in June 2017.
First seismic studies would start in Winter 2017 but only in 2023 income for the Isle of Man from the gas revenues would be received. By then we are supposed to already having cut back our carbon emissions, according to the Paris climate change plan!
For this to happen we need to leave our gas resources in the ground and concentrate on renewable energy sources!

So far, the majority of fracking has be done on land, which is generally more safe. We cannot believe that this highly controversial technology is to be applied –in our waters–. The environmental consequences could be huge!


Isn’t the massive uptick of earthquakes in Oklahoma enough to deter our politicians?

Fracking leading to earthquakes in Oklahoma


There are multiple consultants to the industry who will explore their individual schemes. The leaflet of the consultancy that held a presentation for the IOMSA on 10.11.2016 follows.


The talks by Professor Thomas Stocker in May 2013 and the more recent one by Kevin Anderson & Alice Bows-Larkin in February 2016 are available to view now. Both talks were held on the IoM, hosted by DEFA. Kevin and Alice included a lot of IoM-specific material and policy-proposals whereas Professor Stocker illuminates the science of climate change.

The videos are under “what we do/campaigns/climate change”


With the House of Keys elections coming up, many candidates will knock on their constituents doors to have a conversation in order to get their vote. Take this rare chance of a private conversation to ask him a few questions, issues that are important to you!

Here are some of the environmental issues you might want to ask about:

  • Climate and Sustainability: Which actions would the candidate support to reach Tynwald’s climate commitments?
  • Keep it in the ground: What is his stand on gas exploration on the Isle of Man? Government’s stated intent to lease our territorial seabed for fossil fuel prospecting is entirely inconsistent with our climate commitments – we must ‘keep it in the ground’. It should be leased for projects that relate to renewable generation.
  • Housing: How would he improve housing standards on the island? Regulations should require that all new-builds meet high efficiency standards, compatible with European regulations. This would help people living in fuel poverty, require fewer imports and create opportunities for the building sector.
  • Would he support the implementation of 2006 bathing water quality standards for the whole island?
  • Biodiversity: What would he do to put Tynwald’s biodiversity strategy in action? Rewilding and habitat protection, with a focus on upland management are of upmost importance and can limit the impact of flooding.



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